For pricing, contact a MarkIt sales representative.

MarkIt Web Portal Pricing

MarkIt Web Portal pricing is based on a one-year licensing agreement and a one-time system setup fee. All MarkIt licenses are SaaS-based and hosted in a secure cloud environment built to scale.

System Pricing

A one-time fee is assessed for the MarkIt site setup and deployment. MarkIt site customizations are available and priced upon request.


All MarkIt deployments are hosted in a load-balanced cloud environment including hosting, security, streaming, server space, and support. Costs are billed monthly and may increase based on storage, bandwidth, and/or users.

MarkIt Asset Pricing

MarkIt assets are the sales and marketing materials that you’ve chosen to make available online through the MarkIt Web Portal. Our team will create and upload each customizable template based on your needs and requirements.

Asset Pricing

Customization for an asset is priced based on the complexity of the requested variable fields. Determine an asset’s complexity using the below guide.

Marketing Asset Customization Complexity

Asset Complexity



Static Product

Any asset that does not allow customization.

  • Viewable/orderable PDFs
  • Inventoried/fulfillment products
  • Promotional items
MarkIt Asset Pricing - Static Product
Low-Complexity Product

Any asset that allows customization of up to 5 variables, minimal formatting and form validation (required fields).

  • Business cards
  • Simple flyers
  • Single-page documents
MarkIt Asset Pricing - Low-Complexity Product
Medium-Complexity Product

Any asset that allows customization and contains between 5 and 10 variables with some formatting and validation.

  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Single- and multi-page documents
MarkIt Asset Pricing - Medium-Complexity Product
High-Complexity Product

Any asset that allows customization and contains more than 10 variables with formatting and validation. Includes support for list upload and HTML output.

  • Postcards
  • Email blasts
  • Complex brochures
  • Catalogs
MarkIt Asset Pricing - High-Complexity Product
Custom-Complexity Product

A custom-complexity asset describes any asset that requires advanced functionality or other programming that’s not inherently built-in.

  • Dynamic page insertion/creation
  • External data sources
  • Custom steps in the ordering process
MarkIt Asset Pricing - High-Complexity Product

For pricing, contact a sales representative at (713) 522-8006.


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