From simple personalization to highly complex and dynamic composition, MarkIt is loaded with features that make sales and marketing teams more efficient.

MarkIt Icon - Manage It

Manage It

MarkIt manages the entire customizable workflow, guaranteeing that assets are delivered on-brand and with approved content. The result is peace of mind for you and your users.

  • Set restrictions and guidelines that follow your brand specifications.
  • Multi-layer approval workflows enable administrative oversight and control.
  • Built to work with existing business infrastructures.
  • Create libraries of images, PDFs, or databases for use in customizable products — at the global, group, and user levels.
MarkIt Icon - Customize It

Customize It

MarkIt converts any type of print or digital content into a flexible template for marketing staff, remote employees, sales people, franchisees, and others to personalize sales and marketing communication.

  • Support multiple variations of a design or version of a document with one customizable template.
  • Easy-to-use interface for asset customization including real-time previews.
  • Customize a product’s text, imagery, styles, layout, and more while maintaining brand consistency.
MarkIt Icon - Deliver It

Deliver It

MarkIt offers a fully automated and streamlined experience for output execution. Deliver marketing communications, pitch a sales presentation, or print personalized brochures or swag items all within the application.

  • Web-to-print enabled, including production automation and out-of-the-box print integration.
  • Ship assets using your business account — MarkIt integrates with most major carriers.
  • Virtual fulfillment and inventory management.
  • Multiple output options to fit a variety of applications, such as: PDF, HTML, PostScript, EPS, XML, etc.
MarkIt Icon - Track It

Track It

View at-a-glance analytics using the MarkIt reporting dashboard, or drill down to gain insight into the materials your sales team prefers or the channels they use.

  • Analytics and reporting at the user, group, and global levels.
  • Analyze user activity through real-time web-based tracking to determine ROI and optimize marketing efforts.

Optional Features

MarkIt’s modular framework was built to accommodate the dynamic needs of a business. That’s why MarkIt offers multiple integrations and add-on modules for the ultimate all-in-one sales and marketing experience.

Campaign Module

MarkIt’s Campaign Module gives you everything you need to produce coordinated campaigns that combine print, email, and personalized URLs (pURLs) so that you can effectively launch, track, and optimize your integrated marketing efforts.

CRM Integration

The MarkIt customizable workflow is designed to accommodate CRM integration so that users can easily push/pull data from either source.

MarkIt - Optional Features


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